Attractions and activities in Annecy

With its exceptionally beautiful lake and mountain scenery, historical buildings, canals, sports, recreational activities and festivals, there is so much to do and enjoy, whatever time of year you visit.

There are a multitude of sailing and water-sports activities for you to encounter around Annecy. Swimming beaches line the lake and a cycle track circles the shores. The surrounding hills offer walking and mountain-biking excursions for every tourist. Whether you are an experienced hiker or cyclist or just going for a Sunday afternoon stroll, a lot of different tours can be found in and around Annecy.

Island Palace

The Island Palace has an unusual triangular shape and probably because of that, it is said to be one of the most photographed buildings in France. This famous tourist attraction was used as a residence by the local governor in the 12th century, the Palais dĀ“Isle later turned in to be a prison. A tour through the building will explain you the building's history.

Castle of Annecy

The restored castle dominates the attractive old town and was recently transformed in to a museum, the Castle Museum of Annecy. The main attraction is the castle itself, and the views it provides of the lake below, but some of the archaeological exhibits are also of interest. The castle is listed as a historical monument by the French Ministry of Culture.

Fier Canyon

The Fier is one of the most important rivers of Haute-Savoie. The Fier Canyon is classified among the most attractive sights of the French Alps. It is a natural phenomenon of erosion by a river. Since 1869 it is accessible to the public by a footbridge suspended 27 meters above the gorge.


Various events are organized throughout the year like the famous International Animation Film Festival, the Festival Retour des Alpages, a celebration of the end of the summer, and the Venetian Carnival, when locals dress up in ornate carnival costumes and parade through the old town.