Attractions & Activities in Avignon

UNESCO classified the entire city of Avignon as a World Heritage Site because of the quality and variety of Avignon’s architectural and cultural heritage. Stroll through the streets and discover the different squares, impressive monuments and gardens of the former Holy Seat.

The Popes’ Palace

The imposing residence of the 7 Popes of the 12th Century is an extraordinary experience. The size of the building is overwhelming with its 15,000m2 of floor space. Discover the 25 different rooms: reception halls, cloister, chapels and Pope’s private apartment with invaluable frescoes. Built on a rock, with walls of surrounding the castle of 18 feet thick, made it impossible to attack the Palace in former times

Cathedral de Notre Dame Des Doms

Overlooking the whole city, the gilded statue of Virgin Mary on top of the Cathedral is the most prominent feature of this holy building. Inside you will find the beautiful mausoleum of Pope John XXII. Outside the Cathedral you can stroll around in the splendid garden Rochers des Doms and enjoy the spectacular view of the Pont Saint-Bénézet and the Rhone River. The garden, laid out in 1830, is the cradle of Avignon and a favorite spot of the Avignonais to come and relax.

Place de Horloge

The inner city of Avignon is surrounded by an 8-meter high and massive wall, with a perimeter of 4,330 meters. This is the perfect place to discover the many facets of Avignon. Enjoy a lovely lunch in one of the many restaurants surrounding the Watch Square, the heart of Avignon. The most important building on this square is the City Hall with its original Gothic Clock Tower. The lively square is filled with numerous restaurants, cafés and a pleasant merry go around.