Attractions & Activities in Bordeaux

Bordeaux has always been associated with quality wines but the city is worthwhile more then that. Bordeaux is an architectural gem of the 18th century with over 350 historic monuments, waiting to be discovered.


Some of the best examples of 18th Century architecture can be found at the Stock Exchange Square (Place de la Bourse) and the Big Theater (Grand Theater). Today the theater is home to the National Ballet and Opera of Bordeaux. The Grand Theatre was conceived as a theatre of arts and light built in a neo-classical style.

Bordeaux has been an important city on pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella in Spain. One of the most important sites, which have been an UNESCO World Heritage Site long before June 2007, is the Cathedral of Saint André. The cathedral features an ornate tympanum representing the Last Supper. The bell tower is definitely worth a visit to enjoy superb views over the city.


Bordeaux features a great pedestrian shopping area. Rue Saint Catherine is one of the longest shopping streets in France with its 1200-meter of stores selling everything from one off bargains to haute couture. Bordeaux is a shopper’s paradise for the true fashion diva. In the Golden Triangle (alleys de Tourny, Course Georges Clémenceau and Course de l´Intendance) all the famous designers are represented.

Wine tours

Bordeaux is a Mecca for wine lovers. The Museum Vynorama, situated in a traditional wine store, traces the history of vineyard cultivation and wine making from the Gallo-Roman times. The small museum is a showcase devoted to wine.

Swirling, sniffing and swishing, if you want to learn more about wine you can take a lesson in the Bordeaux Wine School. The school offers intensive courses to short weekend tasting. If you just want to hear the corks pop and enjoy a good glass of wine, you can easily tour around the different castles in the region. From the vineyards of Médoc, to the castle Mouton Rothschild in Paulliac, enjoy a warm welcome in the different castles and taste the most recent vintage direct from the barrel!