Attractions & Activities in Brittany

Saint Malo
Saint Malo is probably the most famous single destination of Brittany. This bathing and vacation resort is built on granite rock in the English Channel and is known for its castle, the cathedral of Saint Vincent, and its 14th century ramparts which overlook the sea. The walled city of Saint Malo was a former stronghold of the corsairs. Today Saint Malo is an important port linking Brittany with England and the Channel Islands.

In the heart of Brittany and flanked by the Odet and Steir rivers you will find Quimper, a city which is famous for its faience ceramics which have been produced by skilled craftsmen since the 17th century. The Gothic Cathedral of Saint Corentin has exceptional 15th century stained glass windows. Pont-Aven, home to an artist colony known as the School of Pont-Aven led by the painter Paul Gauguin, is a pretty market village of white houses and sloping riverbanks.

Other significant cities and resorts include Nantes, Rennes, Brest, Lorient, Redon, Saint Brieuc and Saint Nazaire.