Attractions & Activities in Chamonix

In the summer many of the lifts and cog railways stay open and give tourists access to exceptional viewpoints and delicious mountain restaurants. There are a great number of interesting excursions around Chamonix, worth experiencing. Carved out in the glacier you can take a short ride down into the ice cave. In the heart of the glacier you will discover the amazing color of the ice! Or take one of the longest cable car ascents in the world to the Aguille midi (3842m/12604 ft). Bring warm cloths because even in the summer it gets below zero on the top! The view from the Aiguille Midi is stunning. At your feet is the snowy plateau of the Col du Midi, to the left you can see the glacier of the Vallee Blanche and to your right the Mont Blanc. The 4,808 meter (15,774 ft) high Mont Blanc is one of the jewels of all mountains – it is the highest peak in the Alps and Western Europe.

The summer season is the perfect time to enjoy the enormous variety of outdoor sports activities that Chamonix has to offer. Rock climbing, paragliding, canyoning, rafting, mountain biking and hiking are just a few from the many activities offered in and around Chamonix. An exceptional golf course provides visitors with the opportunity to discover the mountains from all angles while playing a game. Chamonix has something to offer for everyone!

The beautiful architectural heritage shows the rich history of this town. Originally wealthy English tourist came to admire the so called ‘sea of ice’ glacier. Huntsmen and crystal-finders acted as their guides. The first hotel opened in 1770 and this was the beginning of the town as a tourist resort. However, the major turning point in Chamonix’s development was the creation of road and rail access. During a weekly visit of the town, a heritage guide can tell you all about the history of the valley. There is also an excellent alpine museum in the center of Chamonix, for those who would like to know more about this charming alpine town.

Local restaurants serve typical dishes from the Savoyard region. Tasty cheese fondue, Raclette cheese with cold cuts and the delicious potato, bacon and cheese dish, tartiflette can be found everywhere in town.