Attractions & Activities in Corsica

Country Park
The natural Country Park is on 300,000 hectares of beautiful open space, with sweeping views of coastline and interior wonders. You can hike, bike, or jog on miles of trails.

Ajaccio, the Capital of Corsica, is a friendly city with a mild climate and a wealth of coffee stores, restaurants and shopping opportunities. Napoleon gave the town international fame, but you'll find the Napoleonic cult has a less dedicated following in his home town than you might imagine. Since the early 1980s, the town has gained an unwelcome reputation for nationalist violence. However, separatist violence rarely affects tourists, and for visitors Ajaccio remains memorable for the things that have long made it attractive – its battered old town, relaxing cafés and the encompassing view of its glorious bay.

Italian by its origins, Bastia is a pretty town with some Napolitan accents. Typical are cracked houses, with its balconies of wrought iron and its façades where garland of multicoloured linen cheerfully flap. When visiting Bastia as a tourist, you should spend time at a terrace or a café at the Saint-Nicolas Square. The city also has several religious sights, with a chiselled silver Assumption which is due to an artist from Siena of the 17th century, and the Black Christ of the Sainte-Croix Church, which was found floating on the waters between four wonderful lights.