Attractions and activities in Dijon

Dijon offers many activities and art lovers won't be disappointed in Dijon. Probably the most popular excursion is a visit to the mustard museum and do not miss out on the Duke Palace with its outstanding Museum of Fine Arts!

Mustard Museum

Amora Mustard Museum features guided tours showing and explaining the way mustard is produced; from the little mustard seeds to the final product of the yellow and spicy sauce. Learn more about the fascinating history of Dijon Mustard and its culinary use during a guided tour.

Notre Dame

The church is one of the architectural splendors of Dijon. Not to be confused with its big brother in Paris but definitely equally as interesting. The building dates from the second quarter of the thirteenth century. The beautiful interior and magnificent stained glass windows will enchant many visitors. If you can use a bit of luck, look for the curious figure of a little owl, the symbol of Dijon, carved on the wall of a chapel adjoining the church. It is regarded as a good luck charm. To make your dreams come true, just touch the owl with your left hand make a wish. Who knows? Maybe your wish will come true…

Dukes Palace

Once the thrown and house of the powerful Dukes of Burgundy, today the palace hosts Dijon's city hall. The initial part of the palace was built in 1365 on the ruins of a Gallo Roman fortress. Throughout the years many rooms were added and as the power of the Dukes rose, the palace became elegantly decorated and flamboyant. Attached to the main building you will find the Museum of fine arts with a great selection of art masterpieces including French, Belgium, Dutch and Italian painters, gilded altar pieces, and a remarkable Venetian Glass collection. If you are up for some exercise, you can climb the Tower of Phillip and enjoy an impressive view of Dijon.