Attractions & Activities in Grenoble


Grenoble boasts several very interesting museums such as the Dauphinois Museum, housed in a former convent of the 17th century. The museum is dedicated to the history, arts and crafts of the region. It gives a fascinating inside to the lives of the self-sufficient mountain people. There is also an exhibition about the history of skiing from the early days to ultra modern equipment. The convent hosts a beautiful Baroque chapel, with grey and gold wall paintings showing episodes of the New Testament.

Be pleasantly surprised by the impressive modern complex of the museum of Grenoble. This museum houses a gallery of contemporary art where many major schools of painting are represented, including works of Rubens and Andy Warhol.

Square of St. Andre

It is here the stirrings of the French Revolution first began, even before Paris on the day of the Tuiles on the 7th of June 1788. On this lovely square the lively Saturday market is held, an excellent place to buy the delicious regional produce. Grenoble is known for its walnuts, for which it enjoys a special certification of controlled origin. People with a sweet tooth definitely need to try the regional specialties such as the Noix de Grenoble, a sweet walnut candy and the amazing gateau de noix, a walnut cake of which you can not stop eating.

The lovely church of St. Andre, situated on the square, was built in the 13th century and once served as the palace chapel of the Princess of Dauphine.

Mountain Sports

Grenoble hosted the Winter Olympics in 1968 and is preparing to bid for the games in 2018. Grenoble is famous for the many nearby ski resorts such as Les Deux Alps (1 hour from Grenoble) and Chamonix (2 hours from Grenoble). This region is famous for offering winter sports possibilities to skiers of all abilities, because it has both gentle slopes and wild off-piste skiing areas.