Attractions and activities in Lyon

Art and culture have a long tradition in Lyon. There are many impressive sights to visit. Travel either on foot, metro, tram bus, funicular or by velo, a bicycle network providing a low cost and convenient bicycle hire service. You can hire and drop off bicycles at any of the several hundred stations throughout the city.

Basilica of Forviere

Situated on top of the hill, you can see the Basilica from any point of the city center. The church, a typical example of 19th century religious architecture, is built in honour to the Virgin Mary and shows a mixture of styles and materials. An observatory offers spectacular views over the city. Nearby you will find a 10,000-seat Roman amphitheatre, the oldest in France.

Museum of fine arts

This impressive, completely renovated museum is located in the city centre and houses one of the largest art collections of France. The collection contains Ancient and Egyptian art, sculptures and paintings from the middle ages but also work from more modern artists such as Monet, Manet, Picasso and many others.

Lumiere Museum
The Museum of Cinema is located in a historical building rich with Art Nouveau elements including an airy winter garden in the Monplaisir neighborhood of Lyon. The museum dubs itself a “living” museum, as films are screened and conferences are held there. The museum also prides itself in conservation and contains many historical films, books, photos, and pieces of cinematographic equipment.

Painted walls

The painted walls, with original designs, have become a characteristic of Lyon. Throughout Lyon there are over 150 of this so called Trick the Eye paintings. It is a form of art involving extremely realistic imagery in order to create the optical illusion that the object really exists. Stroll around town and try to find the paintings yourself or enjoy a guided tour organized by the tourist office.

Textile museum

The Historical Museum of Textiles, often called the world's greatest textile museum, is a showcase for the silks that made Lyons famous. The museum exposes the most important periods in textile history and the museum will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in fashion.

Museum of the French Resistance
The Museum of the French Resistance museum tells the story of how ordinary people became the courageous front that sabotaged the Nazi occupation. It is located in the former Gestapo headquarters of Klaus Barbi.