Attractions & Activities in Normandy

Whether you are in Normandy for the exquisite cuisine, the battle fields of Bayeux or to follow the trails of Monet, the region will definitely not disappoint any traveler!

The city of Rouen is a thriving industrial and commercial center and the third largest port in France. Despite severe destruction in the Second World War, Rouen saved much of its historical and architectural treasures. Rouen is also famous for its cathedral, painted several times by Monet. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake here in 1431.

Seaside resorts
Dieppe is the oldest seaside resort in France and has something to offer for everyone. The castle museum gives an excellent overview of the cities history. Fecamp is a smaller seaside resort, home to the Benedictine Palace and Museum. The cities main claim to fame is the famous Benedictine liqueur brewed in the castle. Nestled between striking white cliffs, immortalized by Monet, lies the village of Etretat. Etretat is a very pretty little place were old wooden market halls still dominate the main square.

Le Mont Saint Michel
On top of a rock, a small church was built for the archangel Michael on October 16, 709. Over the centuries the chapel was expanded until it became a magnificent abbey. UNESCO has classified the Mont Saint Michel as a world heritage sight and this Mecca of tourism welcomes more than three million visitors a year.

The bay of Mont Saint Michel has the highest tides in Europe with differences up to 15 meters (50 feet) between low and high water. During the top of the spring tides, the sea goes out 15 kilometer (9 miles) from the coast and comes in again very quickly. Enjoy the incredible view at low tide, when the sea reveals one of the largest areas of mussel growing and oyster farming in France upon thousands of wooden stakes.