Attractions and Activities in Orleans

Joan of Arc is honored everywhere in the city, in museums, with statues and most memorably, in the stained glass of the Cathedral Saint Croix. The best time to visit Orleans is early May when the victory of Joan of Arc is celebrated and Orleans is filled with parades, fireworks and a medieval fair.

Cathedral Saint Croix (Holy Cross)

The gorgeous stained glass windows represent the life of Joan of Arc. A beautiful reflection of her life from birth until her tragic death in the flames of the public bonfire. The stained glass windows are so perfect that the images almost looks like a picture. The first Cathedral was built in the VIIth Century. Throughout the years the Cathedral has been destroyed several times caused by religious wars. It took 200 years to construct the latest version of the cathedral. The rebuilding program inaugurated by Henry IV lasted until the nineteenth century.

House of Joan of Arc

When Joan of Arc entered Orleans in 1429 she stayed in the house of Jacques Boucher, the Ducal Treasurer. During the Second World War the house was destroyed by bombings. In 1965 the house was rebuilt, smaller than the original. The museum contains exhibits about her life, as well as costumes and weapons of her time.

The museum of Fine Arts

The museum houses five stories of remarkable collections of paintings and sculptures. The collection includes exceptional pieces of art from Italian, Flemish and Dutch painters. The French collection contains extensive works of 17th and 18th century, among which is a rare collection of pastels. Temporary exhibitions are organized regularly as well as presentations of drawings and engravings.