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Destination Arles

Arles was an important city of the Roman Empire, and one of the richest urban centers in France. Its excellent position on the River Rhone made sure Arles stayed an important city in modern days. It is situated at the beginning of an important trade route to the inland of France and further north.

Walking around Arles, in the footsteps of Van Gogh, you can imagine him wandering along the river site and strolling around the city. Vincent van Gogh and Arles are closely connected and you will recognize many sceneries of his paintings, like the café painted in the Café de Nuit on the forum square or the famous painting called The Sunflowers. Van Gogh arrived in Arles in February 1888. The special light and 300 days of sun per year attracted the painter to this little city in the Provence. It is here that van Gogh experienced his most productive period. He painted over 300 paintings and drawings in 15 months, some of which are his most brilliant and famous works. Down at the River Rhone Van Gogh used to wander around at night time, wearing candles on his hat and watching the night time light. This is the place where the famous painting The Starry Night was painted. When the night falls you can hear the cicadas sing their song and bistro's and bars open their doors and welcome you with a glass of wine. Arles simply turns in to a magic place.